Survival requires that a opposition force is putting under risk present and future of the world. We difference world as follows:

  • The world of the human race living in the world environment
  • The world itself as a planet of organic life forms and its energy  allowing the development of organic life forms
  • The world in context of solar system, galaxy and beyond
  • The world as temporary or inter-dimensional manifestation (from quantum physics  until spiritual believes)


This blog represents both,  the evolutionary, visionary and scientific open end society and as per response of the world situation in the beginning of the third millenium a WATCH ALERT into all possible dimensions of human perception, tools, undertakings, developments, organizations, knowledge and beliefs.

Human obsession of posessing, speculation and abuse returning by massive financial manipulation, war, civil war, nature collapse and serious damages to the energy field of planet earth. Politics, religions, bad science and fear managment handled by military forces are disclosed principal trend makers to the above and shall be understood in its fundamental roots in order to resolve into transition of the human race.


You need a truly integral view of history, science, humanity and complex structures in order to be accepted spokesman or spokeswoman of the emissory society hereto. You shall be a courious and  a open at mind and heart entity to read and to comment here. If you consider the existance of a Illuminaty group with its intention of power and greed understand THIS as a countermovement thereto. Highest IQ rating and profoundest soul but reaching beyond misreable  humans like such described in Illuminaty groups. The only enlightment those got is to have perverted fun as long as life span takes.


Observations and articles of interest on blog. You get personal access to solutions via e mail letters by natural selection and you may be invited by one or all members to join our think tank society by fisical means. May this sound secret structure but our true intention is solely efficiency because we are not going to fall to sleep like just another Club Of Rome Society nor exposing us to the CIAs of evil or greedy or isolated societies. Very much a fusion power of all sciences developed so far and a advanced human society please accept Worldsurvival our only true meaning, mission and name. None of us is interested in personal applause but non of us will hide his name, opinion or whatsoever secret if asked apropriately.

Get a larger understanding about childish war in science, in economics, in politics and in religions. Learn about massive scam in health, agriculture and consumers markets but always get the alternative attached and delivered. We are not scandalouse press nor administrators of hate and weapons.


All rational knowledge born in experimental or filosofical thought first we clearly crack methods of suspiciouse academic structures established but not going that far selling aliens like a rational knowledge. May one or the other have experienced contact it cant be rationalised until wide humanity experiences the same. Rationality again serves fear but will not be expanded by fricction but by collective shock. Worldsurvival within questions of aliens or inter dimensional visitors is subject to friction of rationality because who told that this will be or is a matter of survival in the first place? Maybe Mr. Bush jr.


Unfortunately or fortunately you will not find any president or official societies leaders here. The true heroes of humanity always remaining in the shadow thanks to Hollywood and the mass media, thanks to the protective organizations of humans jealeouse societies and thanks to themselves happy while doing, developing, thinking and inventing. The kind of Tesla guys or those anonimouse leaders of aid groups, fire workers or scientists improvising at home in non patent fields.

Mainly all winners of Nobel, Nobel itself and all Nobel look-a-like orgas not to be find here because we do not like nor promote false attitudes of anybody but will refer to scientific development if worthy and such as desert greening or biomagnetism in healing mainly all deseases without any chemical substance. A radical revolution starts here.


Easy to show the 3 main piles of human control in occidential history we will not stop disclosing such in arabian nor in asian history. The part of Worldsurvival linked to human survival got as many to do with this like it does with occidential mainstream cross out the last 4000 years. Knowing where we are coming from we know our path into the future or what we shall avoid on this path.


We do not doubt nor discuss a higher entity to this seen and unseen giant universe and the billions of creatures which might exist on a humanoid level. We understand its existance in all atoms or particles orchestrating life, materia, energy and the unknown. You please give it your own name and nobody shall bother here about this less conduct battles of pre given stories called this or that religion. Human wisdom instead please. There is nothing wrong with human wisdom and doesnt need fairytales spinned around.


Information, education, helping tools are representing the LIGHT we use to remove the DARK. We also show where DARK destroys its by itself namely on proper dinamics DARK is build on. Sending HAARP and ELF frecuencies back to sender, so to speak. The biggest bluff of DARK is that we need the masses and biggest force to get rid of it. Any scientifically trained person knows that this is not true but 9 8% markting power of the DARK. It takes very big effort and expenses of building up DARK while LIGHT needs very little.


Our evolutionary society shares with the obsolete part responsability on all those weak, sick or non educated humans. Although clearly separated within intentions we will not and can not apply ¨mind your own business¨ and retire on intelectual heighs. From shelter regions up to alternate solutions will be offered by permanent means where survival became, become and might be become a serious issue. We govern on our own and do not acknowledge governments.

This shall not read ¨breaking the laws¨ because wherever true good human behaviour happens no laws nor rulers are needed nor can be broken.



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