The run on Colombia

Aint it funny to read about a future heaven like Colombia while yesterdays news have being massively reporting disorders, crimes and  corruption on Colombia like a mid-age country. Ask yourself about the turns and superficialities of media, everything got a reason even you may have one by reading only nerve scratching scandals and wanting to believe the world is a black and white simplicity.

Colombia is one if the not the richest country on earth. This is not limited to materialistic wealth of mining and agriculture products but to its nature and lots of fertile ground with 3 to 4 harvest seasons per anum. Due to the Anden mountains all climate regions are represented in Colombia from freezing cold down to amazone heat and moisture, 2 huge coast lines and a giant flat land bordering up with Venezuela and Brasil .

NGO officers of Latin Family Asociated reporting 3000% increase on immigrants to Colombia during the last 12 months and do expect massive increase again second half of 2011.  Also reporting a very strong growth of investment into colombian farmland showing to be the best investment oportunity left. If you wish to know more about this:

Worldsurvival and Colombia you will hear and find together in the same speech as you may find Worldsurvival and Peru, Chile or Southafrica the last markets of growth and safety under economic view. But Colombia is just the star of it all because Worldsurvival doenst mean necessarily the survival of a toxic economic system we should remove from the root. Point but is that you get in Colombia all of it and a easy self sustainable life if you look for it.

47 million population and it can handle 10 times more without suffering lack on best food and drinking water on earth.


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